Capillum AMOVE Natural - The original depilatory formula for natural and painless hair removal for velvety smooth skin

What is Capillum AMOVE Natural?

Capillum AMOVE NARURAL is a mineral cream with powder consistency for hair removal. It has natural flavor and contains entirely natural and mineral ingredients.

These ingredients are a tradition brought from the Orient and are used for hair removal for hundreds of years. The formula contains ingredients for silky soft skin, very suitable for the intimate parts.

The product provides a natural way for painless hair removal.

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Natural product for hair removal suitable for the whole body

Whether you are treating the underarm areas, intimate areas, arms, legs, belly-area or back –

with Capillum AMOVE Natural you will leave the traditional razor and hair removal creams aside.

The product is extremely suitable for all sensitive areas as well.


Why use Capillum AMOVE Natural?

  • Easy and painless hair removal
  • Natural odor
  • Very good skin tolerance, certified by Dermatest
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Suitable for application on the whole body, even sensitive areas
  • Lack of synthetic dyes and fragrances


Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Hydroxide, Strontrium


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Put an end to the painless and overpriced hair-removal procedures.



Certified Natural Quality

The product has passed successfully all sophisticated dermatological tests with rating of “Excellent”.

Dermatest Certificate
Application Instructions